12 Hole Purple Martin House

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Pictured is a Poly Purple Martin House

Our Purple Martin House Features

  • 1- Poly Bird House complete with included Mounting Blocks.
    Note: The Mounting Blocks have to be cut for your mounting pole. They will be shipped uncut unless pole size is given! So please let us know what size your mounting pole will be, then we can cut them to fit. There is no pole included!
  • Choose your color above
  • There are 12 nesting Chambers(3 per side)
  • Each Chamber has its own hinged door making cleanout time simple and easy.
  • The Entrance holes are domed shaped to deter starlings.
  • The Entrance holes are offset to make it easier for the Purple Martins to distinguish their chambers.
  • The perches are curved to add extra design!

    Purple Martin House Dimensions Per Side

    • Depth: 15 inches
    • Width: 11 inches
    • Height: 28 inches

      Purple Martin House Chamber Dimensions

      • Height: 7 inches
      • Width: 7 inches
      • Length: 11 inches

        Purple Martin House Dimensions Assembled

        • Height: 28 inches
        • Width: 38 inches
        • Length: 38 inches
        • Weight: 75 pounds