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Solar (Rotating and Steady) light for nmwcrafts Lighthouses

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You are looking at a Solar, Revolving or Steady Burning Light that is Designed Especially for Lighthouses

If you have a lighthouse that needs a solar revolving light or a solar steady burning light; This one should work for you. A little switch on the bottom gives it the option of either rotating or a regular steady burning light. It runs off of 3 includes AA batteries that are charged with a solar panel that will mount on the roof of your lighthouse. These solar lights are designed special for Yard Lighthouses.

It will fit in most lighthouses that have an open-able  light box. 

Solar Light Includes

  • Revolving light  has all hardware needed for mounting in your lighthouse.
  • It comes with mounting instructions.

 Solar light Dimensions

  • Height: 10"
  • Width: 4"
  • Length: 4"

Customer Reviews

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Solar Light

It is a great solar light option for most lighthouses.It has a steady and rotating option on it. An excellent light option if you there is no 110v power available