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Dusk to Your set time Lamp Sensor, (Progammable Light Control)

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You are looking at a Light Bulb Socket Dusk to Dawn Programmable Light Control Sensor.

  • This is a neat unit to use to get some light when it gets dark without always flipping a switch
  • It will screw into a regular light bulb socket. This is a nice option for my lighthouses.
  • You just plug your lighthouse into a 110 volt receptacle and install this unit and you won't have to search for the door knob in the dark.

    Tip: Set your lighthouse far enough away from the front door to keep the mosquitoes, bugs etc. away from the front door.

    Dusk to Dawn Sensor Features

    • Turns Lamp on at Dusk and Turns Lamp off at 2,4,8 hours or at dawn (Instructions on how to set the timer are included)
    • Fits Any Standard E27 Lamp Socket


    • A. Screw 60-100 watt bulb into lamp sensor.
    • (unit is rated for max. 100 watt bulb)
    • B. Screw the lamp control unit into light fixture. The
    • sensor opening should be positioned to receive maximum daylight.
    • Caution: Screw in only until the lamp sensor is secure and the
    • sensor is correctly oriented. Do not over tighten.
    • C. Turn on the power ( and leave it on for automatic
    • operations.)


    The lamp sensor uses an electronic switching circuit and a special photocell
    which senses light through the window, depending on the position of the sensor.
    The ideal sensor position lets in enough light to turn the light on, yet reduces
    unwanted blinking.

    It is a nice add on for lighthouses or any other light you would like to have come on automatically.